High-Protein Lunch Recipes to Pack for Office

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There are some days in the office where you do not have time to leave the desk even for a few minutes. Probably, food is the last thing that comes to your mind in the midst of endless meeting schedules, deadlines and busy presentations. But without proper food, your body may not have all the energy it needs to carry out your daily tasks at office with ease. So, skipping lunch or having to eat something just for the sake of hunger is not the best idea to save your day.

It may further ruin your weight program too. Instead of feasting on fattening snacks and eating something that may expand your waistline further, it is better to keep a check on your diet and health with delicious, easy-to-make and high protein diet. But what do you have in mind for office lunch recipes that exactly meet all your protein needs. Here are a few recipes that are packed with proteins and are a must-have for the office lunch.

Paneer Bhurji
As the primary ingredient of this delicious recipe is cottage cheese, it is no wonder that it is packed with proteins. The addition of tomatoes, fenugreek, cilantro and added spices make it ever-so delicious that it makes a favourite dish to carry for office which will undoubtedly highlight your day in the office.

Stir Fried Tofu and Rice
Tofu, which is made by coagulating soy milk, is not only a good source of protein, but also contains all the goodness of iron and calcium. The addition of rice, olive oil, ginger, garlic, honey and shallots to the dish makes you feel full throughout the day while packing it with all the goodness of proteins to get ready for a full day at work.

Mixed Beans Salad
Many of us think that salads are boring to have for lunch. It may be due to the fact that we restrict our salads to just contain cucumbers and carrots and some leafy veggies. But have you ever considered a delicious salad that is made of dried and soaked beans, tomatoes and capsicum dressed with sweet sauces? You’re sure to love the tangy flavours that are lip-smacking.

Low Fat Chicken Shawarma
Shawarma is considered to be high in fat content but what makes this one a low fat variety is that the pita bread that is used commonly as the ingredient in shawarma is replaced by the nutritious lettuce. Moreover, the thinly cut chicken strips are tossed with chillies, onions and tomatoes and a splashing yogurt-based sauce making it all the more yummy while providing all proteins needed.

Oats Khichdi
Oats are one of the most protein-rich foods with as much as 17 grams protein for a cup of oats. This khichdi recipe is also rich in fiber and makes a good option for office lunch. This comforting recipe is also good for weight loss and you may even toss in some mixed vegetables and millets to make it more fulfilling and nutritious.

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